Dream job: Santa's helpers edition.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 18, 2019
Credit: SolStock/Getty Images

How's a stint in Finland sound this holiday season? If you're ready to kick off your sneakers, and replace them with, well, elf shoes, this role may be for you. As Lonely Planet originally discovered, Lapland Safaris is looking to hire some elves to support their tours around Finland this winter.

"As an elf you are a guide, an entertainer, a magical creature as well as a representative of Lapland Safaris. Elves guide their groups by bus to and from the airport, to activity venues and to safaris. Elves tell the customers all the important information to make their holiday an non-forgettable experience. Elves make sure guests know where they're going, what they are supposed to do there and keep to the timetable. Elf's work is independent even thought there might be several other workers in the same venue," a job description of the gig states. "As well as responsible, elves are silly! They are Santa's little helpers and make sure that everybody enjoys themselves. Elves tell stories and know secrets about Father Christmas. They are everywhere: at the tobogganing hill, at reindeer farm and at Santa's cabin. They play snowball fight and make tricks. Elves are children's best friends!"

If you ask us, the job sounds like a pretty awesome opportunity to embrace your inner kid and have some fun in the beautiful country of Finland. For more information about the gig, click here and visit LaplandStaff.fi. In addition to elves, the company also hires winter workers to serve as husky guides, tour/safari guides, cooks, waiters, activity instructors, and other roles.

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Have you ever had a job playing Santa, Mrs.Claus, or and Elf?

We wouldn't mind a winter sabbatical in Finland. Hmmmm...