One of the sisters even had twins!

By Meghan Overdeep
November 18, 2019

Fraternal twin sisters Lauren Kozelichki and Lisa Boyce share nearly everything. And now their three children share a birthday.

The 35-year-old sisters, who live 10 minutes away from each other in St. Louis, both gave birth at Mercy Hospital St. Louis on November 7.

According to Good Morning America, after two days of labor, Boyce gave birth to a son named Benjamin—her first child—via cesarean section at 1:39 a.m. Ten hours later, Kozelichki welcomed twins Vada and Cooper—her third and fourth children—in a scheduled C-section. Vada and Cooper were born one minute apart, just like their mamas.

Mercy Hospital St. Louis told GMA that it's the first time in its history that twin sisters have given birth on the same day. All three babies were even delivered by the same OBGYN, Dr. Christi Menges.

Kozelichki found out she was pregnant one week after Boyce. "It didn't cross our minds at all that we'd ever have babies on the same dates," she recalled.

Lisa Boyce (left) and Lauren Kozelichki (right)
| Credit: Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Two days before Kozelichki's scheduled November 7th C-section, Boyce was admitted to the hospital.

"I kept looking at the clock on November 6 and watching it go to 11 p.m., then 11:30 p.m. and once it hit midnight I thought, 'Well they're going to be born on the same day," Kozelichki told GMA. "I left and had to be back at the hospital the next morning to be induced for my C-section."

The sisters recovered in rooms across the hall from each other in the hospital.

"When I would go see Lisa, Lauren would be walking in and I'd be like, ‘Of course you're making it easier on me so I can see you both at the same time,'" Dr. Menges said. "The fact that they both were pregnant at the same time and then to deliver at the same time, we didn't plan it that way."

Both moms and all three babies are now healthy and happy at home. They're already looking forward to planning shared birthday parties.